Intelligent Energy.

Saving electrical energy on fan and pump systems


70% of the electrical energy consumed in the UK is by electric motors and a significant proportion of this is consumed by pumps and fans.

Typically fans and pumps are oversized and are operated at a constant speed designed for the highest demand when, in practice, this is rarely required.


By utilising variable speed drives, significant energy reduction and thus cost savings can be achieved on correctly identified applications.

Many pump and fan applications utilise induction motors in an inefficient manner. Conventional systems run at fixed speeds, often using mechanical dampening; this is wasteful in consumed energy.

Variable speed drives control the speed of electric motors and can therefore match the speed of the pump or fan to the required load. The power used by a motor is exponentially proportional to the speed, i.e. power . It then follows that for a small reduction in speed, a significant reduction in power can be achieved (e.g. a 20% speed reduction results in just under 50% energy saving). This is the essence of energy efficient drives.


Drive Control, as the name implies, is an independent company offering a complete solution for energy saving variable speed drive applications.

After an initial consultation, Drive Control will carry out an energy survey and provide a detailed calculator which illustrates:

  • Existing annual running costs of the plant
  • Existing annual energy consumption of plant
  • Existing annual carbon and carbon dioxide emissions
  • Predicted reduction in running costs
  • Predicted reduction in energy consumption
  • Predicted reduction in Carbon and Carbon Dioxide as a result of variable speed drive implementation
  • The return on investment

With What?

Drive Control, chooses the best product for the application.

  • For building services and other similar energy savings applications,¬†as a long established and original channel partner we choose to utilise the full product range of ABB drives which offers one of the largest portfolios of variable speed drives backed up by in-depth know-how
  • Over the last decade this has been the industry leading ACH550 product recently replaced by the enhanced ACH580

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