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Replacement Motor/ Pump Mounted Variable Speed Drives
Booster Sets
Booster Sets

Popular with Contractors

For single applications and booster sets motor mounted VSDs for pumps in particular have become much more common over the last few years. Initially their size and performance was limited and only smaller kW units were available, but now sizes have increased up to and above 22kW.

For M&E contractors the appeal of motor mount VSDs as against standard VSDs is clear. The pump, motor and VSD can be sourced from one company, the installation is easy and cheaper and less cabling is required. Sensorless units are also available which don’t require an external controlling transducer.

Problems for End Users

Whilst the advantages for M&E contractors are clear, the advantages for end users are not so certain.

Due to size limitations, vibration, heat etc. the pump mounted units may not have the life expectancy of a standard drive.

Replacement drive parts of the assembly are not always easily available or sold separately and are anyway significantly more expensive than a standard drive, typically the cost is 3 times or more. Indeed some units are replaced as a whole i.e. pump, motor & inverter, a vey expensive solution.

Booster Pump Sets

Alternatives for End Users

All motor drive units (inverters) have a finite life, most end users believe that when a drive fails it must be replaced with like for like, this is particularly true with pump mounted units.

At Drive Control we have developed an alternative for pump mounted units whether single application or multi-pump booster sets.

Providing the same functionality such as duty, assist and standby, automatic rotation, pressure control and run dry protection but utilising standard drives. This provides end users with a technical equivalent but cost effective alternative to a pump mounted replacement.

How it Works

The pre-programmed and pre-fabricated drive assembly is installed on a convenient location on the booster set frame. The original motor mount inverters are either completely removed or have the internals removed to retain the chassis as a junction box depending upon the type.

The new standard drives are tuned to match the site specific application.

The duty pump inverter displays all the required information on its control panel.

Site specific drawing and O&M manual are provided as is on-site training after commissioning if required.

Failed pump mounted unit?

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